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Image of Accoutrements Bigfoot Action Figure

Accoutrements Bigfoot Action Figure

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Image of Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Turn your cat into a creature of mystery with the Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats. The design features a four-point elastic strap system which holds the horn securely and comfortably on your moggie's head. A fun way of giving your feline...

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Image of Bravefart Lavatory Mist

Bravefart Lavatory Mist

Treat your guests to a giggle when they use your loo! The Brave Fart Lavatory Mist, scented with cedarwood and mandarin, will disguise a myriad of bathroom-related odours, whilst demonstrating to visitors that you have the best sense of humour. Quirkily...

Image of Dashboard Jesus Bobblehead

Dashboard Jesus Bobblehead

Bring some calm and serenity to your dashboard with our Dashboard Jesus Bobblehead. Attach him to desks, cycling helmets, computers, or anywhere that needs some help from the Almighty. Dashboard Jesus comes with an adhesive base and a wobble spring. ...

Image of Handicorn Finger Puppet

Handicorn Finger Puppet

The Handicorn Finger Puppet will transform your hand into an enchanted unicorn in moments. Place your fingers into his little hooves and head and enter a magical and ancient world of the mythical creature. Whether your ‘handicorn’ looks more goat...

Image of Inflatable Party Hat for Cats

Inflatable Party Hat for Cats

Delight your favourite feline with the Inflatable Party Hat on their birthday or yours. Designed especially for cats, with a four-point elastic strap system, the bright yellow hat is decorated with multi-coloured spots, spirals and has ‘Happy Birthday’...

Image of Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers

Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers

When cleaning doesn't come naturally, we have come up with a very practical solution. With the Mop Slippers, every time you get up, you clean up a little bit more... or just sweep the dust to a different area and worry about it later. Being lazy doesn't...

Image of My Favourite Salad is Wine Oven Mitt

My Favourite Salad is Wine Oven Mitt

If you, or anyone you know and love has a healthy obsession with wine rather than salad, this has to be the perfect oven glove. Everyone knows that wine is one of your 5-a day, don’t they? All those antioxidants and resveratrol will ‘definitely’...

Image of Pop Art 35mm Camera

Pop Art 35mm Camera

Create your very own Pop Art prints at the push of a button. The Pop Art Camera allows you to channel your inner Warhol as you snap pictures in the famous style. Four photos will be split onto a single print in one second of shooting, which will be printed...

Image of Split 35mm Camera

Split 35mm Camera

The Split Camera allows you to take fun photographs that you can divide and combine to form two mismatched photos into one. Whether you put a photo of your dog's head on top of somebody's body, or join a picture of the same person side by side to give...